April 15, 2015

Bill Pay & Banking

bill-pay-and-bankingBoulevard Management takes a personal approach toward paying all of our clients’ bills and financial obligations. This is especially important for a client who spends much of his or her year in more productive or creative endeavors or a substantial amount of time on the road. All bills and paperwork are forwarded to our offices. We pay bills at least twice a month, and review all non-recurring items with you before payment.

We handle all of your creditors’ telephone calls, and arrange for all services to be provided, such as utilities, telephone service, etc.

We also prepare household and business expense budgets, and compare them to actual spending for the client to more easily identify and control costs.

Our office prepares monthly cash flow reports for your review, in which you can clearly identify all cash receipts and disbursements in a given month. These reports are mailed following the end of each month.

We have fostered long-standing banking arrangements for our clientele with leading banks, which provide specialized services to professionals, athletes and entertainers. These services include obtaining loans and credit cards for our clients.

We also provide vast experience in the area of home mortgage financing and refinancing, along with access to service-oriented mortgage brokers.