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About US

We provide specialized financial management services to entertainers, athletes, and high-net worth individuals.
Boulevard Management welcomes the opportunity to serve you.

Boulevard Management is an internationally recognized, independent business management firm. We provide specialized financial management services to entertainers, athletes, and high-net worth individuals. We will free up your valuable time by taking care of all of your financial needs. Our services include bill paying and banking, financial planning, estate and retirement planning, tax preparation and tax planning, among others. We will also assist in major purchases, such as real estate and automobiles, ensuring that you get the best price possible. We will consult on all of your insurance needs. Finally, we will help you attain financial freedom by maximizing your wealth.

  • Athletes

    Individual and Team Sports including Players, Coaches and Managers

  • Music

    Recording & Touring Artists, Record Companies, Managers, Producers, Agents

  • Film & Television

    Actors, Producers, Directors, Productions, Agents

  • Entrepreneurs

    Executives, Investors, Consultants, Venture Capitalists, Philanthropists, Business Owners


Business Management • Tax • Financial Consulting
Bill Pay & Banking

We take a personal approach toward paying all our clients’ bills and financial obligations.

Income Tax Preparation & Planning

We prepare Federal and multi-State income tax returns for wherever your professional career takes you. We have relationships with international tax professionals to assist with international tax compliance if needed.

Estate & Retirement Planning

We are dedicated to maximizing our clients’ wealth and establishing long-term financial stability.


We work with top insurance brokers who provide competitive quotes for all types of insurance.


We have established relationships with real estate agents, auto dealers, and brokers to ensure the best possible deals on all your purchases.

Cash Planning & Budgeting

We visualize and define our clients’ financial goals, living expenses, wealth targets, and more.

Money Management

We have built up a network of independent investment advisers and brokers to assist you in tailoring a portfolio to enable you to meet your personal financial goals and future needs.


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